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Mixing Services


Blending the individual elements (tracks) of your song into a cohesive, compelling performance while amplifying the emotion of the artist.  This is a transformation of your song from a demo into a polished professional-sounding track!

Mixing Services


This is putting the final polish, EQ, and volume levels on your songs and making sure they translate well on multiple speaker systems and flow smoothly from one song in the project to the next. Mastering is included for free when we do your mixes!
For more on the art of mastering, please check out our blog article!

Peter Rowan Review

Peter Rowan, Singer/Songwriter

Dave Pichard finds the tone in these old guitars, and records them with finesse.  His work on My Aloha is outstanding!

Ydine Sandberg Review

Ydine, Singer/Songwriter

David combines professionalism, proficiency and a relaxed attitude to create and maintain an excellent environment for recording. He has great ideas for sound production, and has a balanced approach in presenting and brainstorming with musicians.

Anna Calner Review

Anna Callner, Cellist

David makes the recording process truly enjoyable by creating a studio environment that is all at once relaxed, professional, supportive and creatively stimulating.  As a cellist, I truly value his commitment to thinking outside of the box and doing whatever it takes to capture the best possible sound and take. 


David Sitting Behind a Recording Console in a Studio

Starting as a bassist and continuing as a guitarist, songwriter, and engineer, David has been involved in the music business for over 20 years. He has produced, engineered, mixed and mastered music from all genres, ranging from reggae and pop/rock to his normal clientele of acoustic singer/songwriters.

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